Agenda and Attendees

Possibilities for Aquifer Recharge Projects in Green Valley area

Monday, January 23, 2006

10 am to 12 noon

Place: Water Resources Research Center
University of Arizona
350 N. Campbell Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85719

Contact: Nancy Freeman
Groundwater Awareness League, Inc.

Purpose of the meeting is to inform local water experts about the drawdown and lack of recharge in Sahuarita and Green Valley and to brainstorm a range of solutions that will help solve the depletion of the aquifer in Green Valley, including the delivery of CAP and possibility of capturing storm water and enhancing its seepage into the ground, so that storm water will percolate down to the receding groundwater levels.

Meeting Agenda

Short introduction: Nancy Freeman, Groundwater Awareness League

Short Presentation by Eric Holler, Bureau of Reclamation
Recharge projects being done in Sierra Vista area

Group Discussion:

Informal discussion on recharge possibilities: CAP water, microbasins, microbasins with vadose wells, reservoirs, cisterns, river bed discing or spreading, etc.

Planning for future goals:

1) Collection of relevant reports and information, six months

2) Future meetings could be small groups based on project interest.

3) Groundwater Awareness League compiles information into a report, which would be issued in nine months.

4) Distribute this information to stakeholders and to other rural communities that are not served by CAP.

Other questions to consider:

1) What is the procedure for the Public to apply for rights to water in the Green Valley/Sahuarita area?

2) Have any wells begun to show any elevations in water levels due to the Pima Road recharge station?

3) How much water is available in the basin in the Canoa area that Phelps Dodge is pumping from? How does that pumping affect the area north of Canoa?

4) Is there another water supply, unconnected to Santa Cruz Aquifer, for use by the Phelps Dodge mining operations on the mining site’s west side?

Persons in Attendance (in order of seating):
Nancy Freeman: Groundwater Awareness League
Eric Holler: Bureau of Reclamation
Ann Phillips: Tucson Audubon Society
Cynthia Chardley: Phelps Dodge attorney
John D. Brack: Phelps Dodge (Sierrita manager)
Marie Light: Tucson Water (recharge)
Mark Cross: Errol Montgomery
Marc Herman: Pima County DEQ
Norris West: Community Water (Green Valley)
Michael Lytle: Rancho Sahuarita Water Co.
John Gay: Las Quintas Sahuarita Water Co.
Steve Gay: Las Quintas Sahuarita Water Co.
Martin Roush: Town of Sahuarita
Toops Culbertson: Farmers Water Co.
Buck Schmidt: Brown and Caldwell
Kenneth Seasholes: ADWR
Susan Eden WRRC
Kathleen Chavez: Pima County
Evan Canfield: Pima Cty Flood Control
Terry Sprouse: Water Resource Center
Amy McCoy: Sonoran Institute
Brad Poole: Tucson Citizen
Scott Altherr: Castro Engineering
Deborah Tosline: Bureau of Reclamation
Jim Lamb: Green Valley News
Eve Halper: Bureau of Reclamation
Frank Postillion: Pima Cty Flood Control
Tom Berry: Pima Cty Wastewater Mgmt.
Ed Pepper: Sahuarita, Sierrita Mining and Ranching

Green Valley residents:
Bill Lemman (presided over meeting)
Joe Olles: Montana Vista HOA
Dick Shuman: Casa Paloma I HOA
Bill Dolan
Gary Sullivan
Bill Finzel
Neal Harris: McGee Ranch
Carl Ortiz


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